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Which is most needed??

A girl who got discontinued from her studies in 7th standard suffered many problems at her young age itself. Because of her family situation she was forced to left her education.
She was from poor family suffering for basic needs.
So she gets married earlier. She was given a big responsibility before she get matured in heart to sacrifice anything for her family.
But she runs her family well.
Unfortunately her parents passed away and the age at which everyone begin  their life becomes an end for her life. Why because is her husband passed away.
Now she stands helpless without anyone care.
Her mother in law family left her alone.
She remained in confusion and doesn't know how to lead her future life.
Already her hear was overwhelmed with pain. Now this added much into it.
Losing a lovable person in life was the greatest pain than anything in the world.
When she stands helpless without having any idea to move further she thought of informing her friends. She was longing for…

Do you know how dangerous carelessness is??

In fine morning a meeting was conducted .All gathered for the meeting.
They maintained a very great silence.  It was  white room where no clocks .Everyone was keen in attending the meeting.

All business talks went seriously and it was last long for more hours. Then they had an break.
All came out. One of the guy was waiting out to use the washroom.
He was waiting for more than 15 to 20 mins. At that time another guy came and ask
Why are you waiting over here? He said someone was inside and didn't turn out for more than 15mins. Then that guy said have you noticed properly.
He said
Yeah I saw. Light turned ON. Then it seems so.. But the real fact is it was locked outside.
He was waiting without seeing that. In many situations common mistake done by most of us is deciding something without noticing keenly. Even in life sometimes we might decide this is the ending and we are terminating it in half way. Never quit with your own assumptions.
Try try try.
Nothing is impossible. …

Prove yourself but don't get anger on others critics

A cute and inspiring incident in boy life. In school days a boy along with his classmates enjoyed the computer class. One of his classmate has done a beautiful design and said to him I have done this. "Can you able to do?  You don't know anything " criticized by one of his classmate before all. At that time he didn't know to do. He didn't fight for it. Instead he think for a moment. He has an intention that he has to learn and do somehow.
He had a confidence that" he can. "He didn't even go to play in the PET period. Everyone went to ground for play.
He needs to do . He knows nothing is impossible.
He alone started searching to learn.
He turn ON the system and started searching how to make a design. He struggled much to make a design.
Only thought is to finish the design. So he didn't get tired of doing it.After a long hour of practice he finished his design.
He was very much happy and his confidence level got boosted. He realised that &q…

Determination moves you to great heights.

It was a  cool and great place filled with trees and green grass. Birds were chirping all around and there was a boat house near by. A boy who stood on the tower was watching the boathouse and enjoying the joy of natureMany were enjoying boat ride.
Two friends in a boat were riding.
He could see them  pedalling the boat and moving .They enjoyed pedalling but were moving slowly.
Another pair was doing the same. After watching all these events he moved near the boat house. He get a new boat and ride in it.
He accelerated the boat and moved fastly before others. Everyone look at him.
They thought that he took someother boat. But it was not like that. He was also having the same boat. He moved near him and said them to use accelerator instead of struggling hard to pedal. They didn't notice that until he says that.
They started searching for it .after that they noticed and felt that " having a good tool in hand we missed using it.  What a careless activity was done? "E…

Sweetness of first earnings

A boy along with his family went to his native. He was very much happy and eager to see his friends and relatives. 
All his friends welcome him  with great pleasure. He celebrated the moment with great happiness.
These guys are quite different from others.
They try to do something different which gives happiness and cultivate good deeds.
They used to have a meet about how they can spend the vacation happily as well as in useful manner.
Everyone started sharing their ideas.
The boy gave an idea to his friends.
First he asked whether they are ready to do it and said " we shall earn money by our own efforts and enjoy with it. "
Everyone started agreeing for it.
Everytime they have their celebration with their parents money but this time they decided to change it.
They moved away from their area. 
Why? What may be the reason for their  migrating ?
Because they need to do it surprisingly without knowing to anyone.
The boy lead his team.
They went to the shop and le…

Be happy

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Don't search anywhere

In one fine class the boy and all other students were eagerly listening to the class and clarified his doubts.
Many useful information and happiness got filled.
He needs a software setup to practice the design which he learns today.
So he asked for it. He is in need of pen drive.
He asked everyone in the class. 
Many replied that they didn't have. He was little bit upset. Even then he tried with hope he got a pen drive from one of his classmate. He was very happy and got ready to copy the files.
Unfortunately it was useless because the storage capacity is less than needed.
He was thinking and whispering that somehow he needs to copy the files today .
He was keep on saying that he needs to do it.
That time his friend entered into the class.
Then he suddenly asked with the hope that " Give me you pen drive ".
He didn't get disappointed because she had pendrive.
One speciality of her pendrive is everything will be a separate part and needs to assemble it and …

Rat in life.

In hot summer while the rays of the sun are more stronger the boy returned home after completing his work.
The hot sun made him very tired and sweated much.
He feels much suffocating and no cool air to breath out. So he decided to switch ON the AC.
But unfortunately it didn't get turn ON.
He felt annoyed and saw what happened with that?
Why it didn't gets on?
He decided to repair by himself as he can't able to tolerate that hot weather.
He opened the AC and started cleaning and checking for the proper connection of cables.
He handled carefully .
While doing this suddenly a creature ran out of it.
What might be that?  Can you guess?
A rat which takes the AC as it's home place ran out of it.
He was very much shocked.
No other problem was with that but he hardly works for an hour to find out it .
Then he assembled properly and started enjoying the cool breeze and felt relaxed. As the rat an unnecessary thing in AC stopped the working of AC likewise jealousy,  a…

Thrill your life but don't pledge life for it.

A play boy aged 15  always used to have many challenges with his friends.  If anyone ask " I can do this. Can you? ". He readily come forward to do that whether he knows or not.
He used to go to school either in car or in cycle. His friends used to come in bus.. Conversation went among friends. They told that they are enjoying much in travelling by bus.
His friend said " I will board and get down from running bus. Everyone will look at me. By doing  this we seems different from others. Can you do this?. "
When anyone says to him like this he never remains calm. He needs to do immediately and prove himself.
He challenged his friend that he will prove himself.
As he never goes in bus he doesn't know how to get down or get into the running bus.
His friends told after the bus moves from the stop he should run and board into it and should get down in moving bus.
The next day morning the boy got ready and waiting for the bus eagerly.
He was standing for more …
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No more fear

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