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Determination moves you to great heights.

It was a  cool and great place filled with trees and green grass. Birds were chirping all around and there was a boat house near by. A boy who stood on the tower was watching the boathouse and enjoying the joy of natureMany were enjoying boat ride.
Two friends in a boat were riding.
He could see them  pedalling the boat and moving .They enjoyed pedalling but were moving slowly.
Another pair was doing the same. After watching all these events he moved near the boat house. He get a new boat and ride in it.
He accelerated the boat and moved fastly before others. Everyone look at him.
They thought that he took someother boat. But it was not like that. He was also having the same boat. He moved near him and said them to use accelerator instead of struggling hard to pedal. They didn't notice that until he says that.
They started searching for it .after that they noticed and felt that " having a good tool in hand we missed using it.  What a careless activity was done? "E…

Sweetness of first earnings

A boy along with his family went to his native. He was very much happy and eager to see his friends and relatives. 
All his friends welcome him  with great pleasure. He celebrated the moment with great happiness.
These guys are quite different from others.
They try to do something different which gives happiness and cultivate good deeds.
They used to have a meet about how they can spend the vacation happily as well as in useful manner.
Everyone started sharing their ideas.
The boy gave an idea to his friends.
First he asked whether they are ready to do it and said " we shall earn money by our own efforts and enjoy with it. "
Everyone started agreeing for it.
Everytime they have their celebration with their parents money but this time they decided to change it.
They moved away from their area. 
Why? What may be the reason for their  migrating ?
Because they need to do it surprisingly without knowing to anyone.
The boy lead his team.
They went to the shop and le…