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Festival brings a memorable events to each one's life. Likewise this girl also had an event which she can't forget in her lifetime.
The Girl was very much eagerly waiting to celebrate Diwali. Before the day of celebration she planned many things to enjoy to the core. The excitement didn't allow her to sleep.
Next day was the festival of lights.  With the blessings of God and her parents she started the day.
She enjoyed the day with her brother and had an meet with friends. They shared sweets and had an events like dance and song.
She burst crackers along with her friends.
Everything went smooth till evening. She felt she had successfully celebrated.
But unfortunately a sad thing happens?  Everything turns upside down.
She could see the colourful sky at the night. She thought her life should be as much colourful as that.
She started bursting cracker. She likes flower pot very much. Like a flower pot let all good things should shower in everyone's  life.

In a fine day, Raffic went to a mall.He parked his bike and got into the mall.There he played games using card and enjoyed merrily.
    He saw the fountain cake. Chocolate was flowing like fountain .That was his favorite . To taste the yummy, delicious fountain cake, he went near the shop.Then only he noticed that  he lost his purse.
    He even didn't have money for taking his bike out. He thought to ask someone's  help by explaining his situation but he hesitated to ask. He made call to his friends but his attempt was futile.Because no one was available .Everyone was busy with their work.
    At that time, a old man cleaned his table.He got an idea.Instead of asking someone, he decided to work as a cleaner. He cleaned some tables and earned money.
       That day onwards, he learnt to respect all  jobs and persons..mainly learnt "self help is the best help".
By , Lins CIN Publisher