Trip to hill station

A boy along with his friends went to resort in hill station. The climate was very cool. Autumn leaves started emerging. Colourful flowers fills up the trees in the hill. The place gave such a pleasant peace of mind.  Sorrows get vanishes when we stand there. The touch of cool breeze and the smell of beautiful flowers and colourful flowers to treat eyes remains more beautiful.
They stayed in lake view resort.
They enjoyed the nature very much. They planned to have campfire.
They went out and took the woods for fire to ignite and light up the campfire. They had a nice conversation and fun.
The boy ordered for rabbit fry. But he informed his friends that he had ordered bullet chicken.He also said it is a special dish and it will taste good. Everyone started eating. They didn't know what it was really?
After the campfire over everyone returned to his room.
The boy called to everyone and spoke as a hotel incharge and enquire what you feel about the taste of rabbit fry?  Tell us the feedback.  They replied that we didn't ate rabbit "I think you was wrong. "
He replied no you ate rabbit  and told now they will provide hot milk.
Friends came running to the boy and asked"what have you ordered? Is this was you play? ".
The boy respond with cool , "yeah I did it. When I say we shall try you people didn't  accept but without knowing what it was you ate and commented it as so good. Right. Then why you are getting shock and why you feel for it? ".
No one have the answer for it.
Don't judge anything by its appearance. It doesn't  matter either thing or person.
Analyse and Understand it and then judge.


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