How light seems to provide positive energy?

         An expedition to snow world.

A boy along with his 10 friends decided to enjoy their vaccation happily. They started discussing how to spend the days. They all shared their ideas enthusiastically. Fun and happiness surrounds them.finally they decided to go to snow world.Everyone were interested to go.
          Finally the day came. They went to snow world and eagerly waiting to enter into it.
        The room was covered with white frozen snow like silver. Many snow balls were placed inside it. The room seems to be the silver himalayan mountain covered with snow. It gives such a great natural look.
         Feeling like standing in himalayas.Imagine how it will be? Feel that pleasure.
        It was provided with beautiful lighting. Really the place will make everyone mesmerising .Then the boy entered the room with his team mates.      Doors were closed. They started enjoying by throwing balls over others forgetting everything even the frozen temperature. Their play continued. They had various games.
        Suddenly there was a power cut. Lights off.Room becomes dark. There was not even a trace of light spot.
      The boy felt that even this was also a kind of game and they continued. 5to 10 minutes got over still the room was dark. No such small hole for the light to penetrate. Nothing could be visible.
   They don't know how to come out.Normally many have the phobia of darkness.Everyone felt feared they started shouting. They felt the severe cold and some had difficulty in breathing.
    A little girl who enjoys nicely started shouting to go out. Then all started shouting to open the door. But they couldn't open the door.  They can release the lock only when there is power.
    They have go be there until power comes.
They tried to calm themselves.  After 15to 20 minutes door got open everyone felt relaxed.
They got calm down.
    The place is same when there is light it made us to enjoy whereas in the absence of light it looks like a hell.
    Light has the power to give the happiness and peace.without light (positive energy) nothing can be get succeeded.
   Dark has the greater strength to take away the whole happiness from mind within a fraction of second and covered with evil thought.
Always dare to hope for the light even in darkness.
Darkness kills the soul each day and make all efforts go waste.


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