Oil oil oil

      A girl along with her sister and two brothers enjoyed a lot crazily and had an argument between  them. Her mother called them to had dinner. She is little bit lazy to eat and continued their talk. She didn't go to eat. She got scoldings and finally sat for the dinner. She is in need of oil. She asked her mother. Her mother is busy in preparing dosa even though she bought her oil.
        Unfortunately a sad thing happened. Oil bottle got slipped and fall on the girl's head. She had a nice oil bath. Everything in the plate got collapsed. Her sister commented that, "OMG.My dosa got spoiled and I need one more".After quoting these words she laughed. Everyone laughed at her. Oil entered into her eye. Her eyes got irritated much and she can't able to tolerate it. She can't open her eyes. That time she realised,"I can't able to be calm for a minute without seeing this world. How it would be for blind. Really miserable." she tries to stood up .
Her mother told her not to move from the place as she may get slip.
      She didn't obey. She needs to wash her eyes. She tries to stood up. She got slipped at the first try.  Even then she didn't kept quite and she stood again. She got slipped and fall down. She skated in oil and fell down.She got injured. She got scratches in her hand and leg and blood came out. She can't able to stand. She suffered from sprain.Her eyes overwhelmed with tears. Even on seeing the girl's cry her sister and one of two brothers laughed and didn't come to help. Even her mother scolded and laughed. If she obeys her mother or she herself took the oil she might not have face this situation. Laziness always make us to move into trouble.
       But her sweet kind hearted younger brother. come forward to help her. He gave his hand for support to stood and helped in washing her face.
He applied medicine and feed her with food. People like this younger brother should grow and come forward in raising the society.
       A person's character comes to be known well only at the time of terrific moment. Don't ever hurt people when they are weak.
        Come forward to help others. Create smile in everyone's face.


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