Everything becomes Nothing and Nothing becomes Everything.

    A little boy aged 11, who was interested and dare to accept the challenges once had a challenge with his teacher.His teacher challenged him to score centum(100).He accepted bravely.He worked for it and achieved it. He happily met his teacher.
          The teacher was ready to offered him a gift that he needs .The little boy asked for a fish tank. He was interested to have fishes.
         His madam bought him a large fish tank. He was very happy and took it to home.
        After reaching home he eagerly made arrangements. He needs to provide a luxurious life to the fish. so he collected colourful stones .
       He himself made an artwork and placed in it. He decorated it with such a care . He made arrangements for the fish to rest.
      The fish tank looks gorgeous. It resembles as a paradise.He was very much happy and satisfied.
       Now he decided to buy fishes. He went along with his friend to aquarium. He saw variety of fishes.
       He was very much excited on seeing it. He enquired the details of all fishes and bought a pair of golden fish. He happily returned home.
      He thought of having one fish along with him in his bedroom. so he kept one fish at the wonderful fish tank which was covered fully and the other at the bottle .
     The fish at the decorated tank teases the other fish " I am living in a rich place but see your condition so sad".
    The other fish replied" I can feel my place safe. This is enough."
    He enjoyed watching it.

     The next day he eagerly came to see the fish unfortunately the fish was floating dead. He couldn't accept . He ran to the shop and argued the shopkeeper that he didn't give a proper healthy fish.
           At that time he could see the bubbles generated in the tank. He asked about it. The shopkeeper explained him that it will supply oxygen to the fish to survive.He fight with him and got two new fish.
         He returned home and realize the death of fish.
        The fish which was kept at the open bottle was alive.

      But that placed in a beautiful tank dead because it didn't get its basic need oxygen needed for survival. He felt very bad if I would have analysed its need and make arrangements it would have survive its life happily. Then he leaves the newly bought fish and the fish at the bottle in the fish tank with oxygen needed for its survival. The fish in the bottle worried for its friend.

         Eventhough luxurious life is provided and feeded with golden spoon it is of no use when the heart doesn't need .
         It makes the soul to slowly die.Life needs only  certain elements which the heart needs.

         Without understanding that even if you help it will make to lose a life unnecessary.

         Crying or worrying for the act is of no use. It is like a great sin or crime commited by them.

         Better help them after understanding the real need.


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