Cin is a non-profit organization formed to provide atmost care and to extend helping hands to the needy people. It targets to provide internal happiness to the people.
Vision:To light up/kindle the sparkle in needy life for their upliftment.

             we are the team formed by the voluntees who have helping mind and who realise the pain of poverty.
We exists to satisfy the need of needy people.Our aim is not just providing them with food and materials.
We engage with them sit with them and analyse their needs.
Many are longing for care of brothers and sisters so we are ready to satisfy it.
Bringing internal happiness and smile in needy face is the motto.
Our mission is to bring change to the society by eliminating illiteracy, hunger and uncared people situation.

To make our society better not a single man is enought. Everyone should get involved. Volunteers with helping mind can take part with them as our partners.

Come let make our society a better place to live for each and every living being.

Spread happiness really you will feel the happiness to the maximum extent.
Self satisfaction can be experienced.
Rich doesn't mean having money. A man is really rich only when he leads the life peacefully and gaining love and affection.
To be rich spread happiness and care as possible it doubles for you.
Come let us join hands together to create a new environment where only laughing sound is heared.


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