Thrill your life but don't pledge life for it.

A play boy aged 15  always used to have many challenges with his friends.  If anyone ask " I can do this. Can you? ". He readily come forward to do that whether he knows or not.
He used to go to school either in car or in cycle. His friends used to come in bus.. Conversation went among friends. They told that they are enjoying much in travelling by bus.
His friend said " I will board and get down from running bus. Everyone will look at me. By doing  this we seems different from others. Can you do this?. "
When anyone says to him like this he never remains calm. He needs to do immediately and prove himself.
He challenged his friend that he will prove himself.
As he never goes in bus he doesn't know how to get down or get into the running bus.
His friends told after the bus moves from the stop he should run and board into it and should get down in moving bus.
The next day morning the boy got ready and waiting for the bus eagerly.
He was standing for more than 10 minutes with his friends. But bus didn't  turn up.
Then the bus arrives. His friends get into it. He is waiting for the bus to move.  After the bus moves he ran and somehow entered. He felt that he got succeed in first stage. This became their entertainment. They didn't understand how dangerous it is for their life? 
He gave his bag to the person sitting and travelled in footboard.
Now he has to get down. While doing this he fell down from running bus and got injured in his hand and leg.
Blood came from his leg and got scratches in his hand.
The people from the bus get down and enquire him but the boy said his friend pushed him down.
Everyone scolded his friend.
He was given medication by a college girl. She told that not to do this again and play in life.
"Never lose your life in proving yourself.
When your life is lost it becomes no meaning at all."
He don't want to give up even after getting injured. He asked his friend "why I fell down ? What was the procedure?  You have made it easily. Tell me I need to know. "
His friend explained him. He practiced for days and again call his friends and said "Now I will do it correctly "  and he proved himself. It may give him pleasure but it's not a good action.
Winning is more important but don't fail in staying in safe zone.
Thrill may give a minute happiness but fills with long time sadness.
Don't pledge your life for playful cause.


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