Rat in life.

In hot summer while the rays of the sun are more stronger the boy returned home after completing his work.
The hot sun made him very tired and sweated much.
He feels much suffocating and no cool air to breath out. So he decided to switch ON the AC.
But unfortunately it didn't get turn ON.
He felt annoyed and saw what happened with that?
Why it didn't gets on?
He decided to repair by himself as he can't able to tolerate that hot weather.
He opened the AC and started cleaning and checking for the proper connection of cables.
He handled carefully .
While doing this suddenly a creature ran out of it.
What might be that?  Can you guess?
A rat which takes the AC as it's home place ran out of it.
He was very much shocked.
No other problem was with that but he hardly works for an hour to find out it .
Then he assembled properly and started enjoying the cool breeze and felt relaxed.

As the rat an unnecessary thing in AC stopped the working of AC likewise jealousy,  anger and hate might stop our good going of life.

Throw out these poisonous thought from your mind and heart and sow the seeds of good thoughts and deeds.
Enjoy the life with colourful lights.


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