Don't search anywhere

In one fine class the boy and all other students were eagerly listening to the class and clarified his doubts.
Many useful information and happiness got filled.
He needs a software setup to practice the design which he learns today.
So he asked for it. He is in need of pen drive.
He asked everyone in the class. 
Many replied that they didn't have. He was little bit upset. Even then he tried with hope he got a pen drive from one of his classmate. He was very happy and got ready to copy the files.
Unfortunately it was useless because the storage capacity is less than needed.
He was thinking and whispering that somehow he needs to copy the files today .
He was keep on saying that he needs to do it.
That time his friend entered into the class.
Then he suddenly asked with the hope that " Give me you pen drive ".
He didn't get disappointed because she had pendrive.
One speciality of her pendrive is everything will be a separate part and needs to assemble it and can make use of it.
He asked her to give and he will assemble and utilise it.
He then inserted into the system.
But pendrive was not detected. He asked her" will  it work properly? ".
She replied,  "yeah.  Come here let me try".
Then she took it out and observe it.
She finds that a part of pendrive that holds the card was missing.
They started searching for it.
Both of them was searching very seriously with a goal of finding it and making it to work properly.
They searched under the table,  inside the cabinet and all around his class.
While searching  it,  they could find other materials and unnecessary things. 
They started cleaning up the place.
Suddenly the girl had a doubt and started searching in her bag.
To her suspect it was in her bag. She found out and gave him.
Everyone started criticising her that having in your bag you made everyone to get tensed.
Then he successfully made his work done.
Talent of each person will be hidden within them.
When searching for it outside you may find many weeds.  Pull them out. Believe in you. It doesn't lies anywhere.  It is in you. You can find it and make it shine.
When you have positive energy and hope in you everything can be turned into success.
Believe yourself even when others criticise you.
Everyone has the potential to come up with colours.


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