Sweetness of first earnings

A boy along with his family went to his native. He was very much happy and eager to see his friends and relatives. 
All his friends welcome him  with great pleasure. He celebrated the moment with great happiness.
These guys are quite different from others.
They try to do something different which gives happiness and cultivate good deeds.
They used to have a meet about how they can spend the vacation happily as well as in useful manner.
Everyone started sharing their ideas.
The boy gave an idea to his friends.
First he asked whether they are ready to do it and said " we shall earn money by our own efforts and enjoy with it. "
Everyone started agreeing for it.
Everytime they have their celebration with their parents money but this time they decided to change it.
They moved away from their area. 
Why? What may be the reason for their  migrating ?
Because they need to do it surprisingly without knowing to anyone.
The boy lead his team.
They went to the shop and lend the cycle to go. They didn't use their own cycles.
They started cycling and went to nearby area. While moving they had lot of fun and talks.
One important to be noted with this team is even in their play their focus is all about the future upliftment and helping others to come up.
They reached their destination and they could see a grandma doing work with woods.
They went to grandma and told that they need to do work on their own and asked her to allocate some work.
Grandma asked " how can I give you the work?  I don't know who you are?  You are strangers. "
They said they are from next village and they need to know the pain of earning a single rupee and happiness in earning.
She thinks for a while.
The boy somehow convinced her and so she asked those friends to leave their cycle and go with his grandson.
The work is to carry the woods and deliver it to the place she is addressing.
All those friends accepted they took the woods in the tricycle.
They started cycling it.
One by one to a certain distance they interchange and done cycling. In that hot sun they felt tierd and got sweated much. They went through ups and downs and pitfalls  in the road .
They were working hard to move.
Finally they went near the destination.
The boy from the team asked remaining teammates to continue further and  he stopped without moving anymore.
Why he stopped?  What was the reason?  Everyone started asking and thinks for it.
Then they went to destination delivered the wood and return back.
Now he said the place they needs to go was his relative home.
If they happened to know this then he won't be able to  surprise his parents.
Finally they have done his work.
Now the grandma congrats them and encouraged that their motive was really good and awesome .
She gave him the appraisal and blessed from the heart.
Blessings of others from their heart will surely promote us and energise us.
All friends were happy and enjoyed with hurrah.
Now they spent that amount for helping the needy.
They realise the internal happiness.
It can't be expressed in words.
Realise it.
Sweetness of earning one rupee on own and helping others was really very great .
No happiness comes equal to this.


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