Do you know how dangerous carelessness is??

In fine morning a meeting was conducted .

All gathered for the meeting.
They maintained a very great silence.  It was  white room where no clocks .

Everyone was keen in attending the meeting.

All business talks went seriously and it was last long for more hours.

Then they had an break.
All came out.

One of the guy was waiting out to use the washroom.
He was waiting for more than 15 to 20 mins.

At that time another guy came and ask
Why are you waiting over here?

He said someone was inside and didn't turn out for more than 15mins.

Then that guy said have you noticed properly.
He said
Yeah I saw. Light turned ON. Then it seems so..

But the real fact is it was locked outside.
He was waiting without seeing that.

In many situations common mistake done by most of us is deciding something without noticing keenly.

Even in life sometimes we might decide this is the ending and we are terminating it in half way.

Never quit with your own assumptions.
Try try try.
Nothing is impossible.

The one you said which is impossible is getting done or achieved by someone else.

So be cautious and careful in implementing things.

Carelessness is most dangerous than little knowledged


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