Which is more important soul in need or leisure work?

Can we make a soul at emergency to wait?? 

 In the busy streets of Chennai during peak hours when a person (soul)  is at emergency to go to hospital there is no path to move forward. 
While everyone was rushing to home nobody thinks that the person in ambulance needs help.. 

I think paving a path for the ambulance and saving the life is more and more important than rushing to home and enjoying leisurely hours. 

If you missed saving life of the person when in need you can't help again a whole family behind that person will go worse in feelings and enter into depression.. 

So always kindly take a moment to pave way for ambulance. Saving a life is the greatest deed . Never forget to do.. 

Nothing is important before a soul dying for help... 

Always think for a while and decide which is more important...  


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