Which is most needed??

A girl who got discontinued from her studies in 7th standard suffered many problems at her young age itself. Because of her family situation she was forced to left her education.
She was from poor family suffering for basic needs.
So she gets married earlier. She was given a big responsibility before she get matured in heart to sacrifice anything for her family.
But she runs her family well.
Unfortunately her parents passed away and the age at which everyone begin  their life becomes an end for her life. Why because is her husband passed away.
Now she stands helpless without anyone care.
Her mother in law family left her alone.
She remained in confusion and doesn't know how to lead her future life.
Already her hear was overwhelmed with pain. Now this added much into it.
Losing a lovable person in life was the greatest pain than anything in the world.
When she stands helpless without having any idea to move further she thought of informing her friends. She was longing for care.
She went to her friends home visited them and came back
Even though they asked to stay her with them she was not ready to give burden to them.
So she came out. She was ready to do any work. She felt the importance of education at this moment and also about the importance and care of parents.
She worked as money collector near washrooms in Railway Station.  She didn't get enough money to have her meal.
She was homeless. She couldn't sleep or rest herself even for an hour.
Noise of people roaming and train sounds becomes a huge annoying factor for her.
She was really very pathetic.
She faced many problems. Struggles played a major role in her life.
Her tolerance level was tested very much.
She called her friends and informed all about this.
Then her friends tried help from many aspects and finally she got recovered.
There are still people who are leading life without love and affection running only behind money and at the same time there are many mighty hearts who are ready to help.
Be ready to help .your small help becomes a turning point in someone's life.
Educate every kid especially every girl. Only education gives more confidence when we stand helpless.


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